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Privacy, Space, Functionality

Our client purchased this site as a speculative build in a subdivision with strict covenants to control design aesthetics.

As there was no intended ‘client’ for the project, we focused on the importance of privacy, space and functionality of the house to make it as appealing as possible to a buyer. This house was sold very quickly once it was advertised.

Designed as three pavilions, the mass of each gable is built out with plaster and the recesses are clad in cedar. The living pavilion provides street presence while shielding the rear outdoor living spaces. Narrow vertical windows allow for observation to the street and the house has large openings to the expansive rear courtyard for private entertaining.

The result
Without the requirements and preferences of an end user to guide design and material choices, it is quite common for spec builds to become uninteresting, generic builds. This build demonstrates how to effectively bring together creative and skilled design work with genuinely committed development. The result is beautifully livable.

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We went through Bespoke for a 2020 residential build. We had a really positive experience working with Bespoke. They were quick to communicate, easy to deal with and the whole team was friendly and helpful. The design process was easy to follow, exactly what we were looking for and any changes we needed were easily done.

As the builder on this project, I found the design plan easy to follow. The house came together beautifully and we were really happy with the finished product. The house was placed on the section perfectly, utilised the space well, and allowed for plenty of sunlight throughout the house.

Overall, it has been great working with Bespoke and we really enjoyed our experience and their expertise. We continue to work with Bespoke on other projects and the experience is always top notch. Highly recommend!


Todd Woodward

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